Strategic Communications Wins Gold Worksite Wellness Award

Strategic Communications was once again recognized by the Worksite Wellness Council of Louisville for our commitment to employee well-being by winning a Gold Worksite Wellness Award and a Fleur de Lis Award for small businesses. Under the Fleur de Lis award, Strategic Communications also achieved a milestone in 2023 wherein 13 participants logged over 15 million steps in a step challenge that included employees and spouses.

This marks the first year that we received a Fleur de Lis Award and the fifth for the Gold Worksite Wellness Award, further testament to our dedication to maintaining healthy habits for our employees.

Our small, minority- and women-owned business is a tight knit group of team players who are continually rooting for each other, whether that’s in a professional capacity or personal. Read on to learn more about the recognition that this team spirit and loyalty to creating a better workplace allowed us to win.

Fleur de Lis Award

The Fleur de Lis Award was a special award created by the Worksite of Wellness Council about a decade ago to recognize the organizations within the community that go above and beyond in their healthy workplace efforts by hitting their wellness targets and goals. One award is given to a small, medium, large, and very large outstanding business each year in honor of their endeavors. In Strategic Communications’ case, we won the Small Category, which hosts businesses with under 100 employees.

Along with hitting their health targets, businesses must obtain high scores on the Center for Disease Control Prevention (CDC) Health Scorecard, an in-depth analysis that scores organizations’ efforts to create a healthy workplace culture. Additionally, these businesses must provide evidence and documentation to support their healthy initiatives. Other criteria involved in determining Fleur de Lis recipients include:

  • Top-down support from management
  • Breadth of program variety
  • Community engagement
  • Intentional improvement increases

Gold Worksite Wellness Award

The Gold tier of the Worksite Wellness Award is given to workplaces with full-bodied, well-rounded wellness programs that have naturally integrated in the culture of the workplace. The Worksite Wellness Award is also distributed based on the CDC Health Scorecard to organizations that meet high scoring metrics in categories like employee participation, program variety, and measurable health outcomes. The companies who receive the Gold tier of this award show considerable dedication to employee health through a wide range of initiatives that are constantly reevaluated and improved.

“Strategic Communications is honored to be recognized by the Louisville Worksite Wellness Council for our company initiatives,” said Paige Reh, HR Director and Contracts Administrator at Strategic Communications. “We began implementing a formal wellness program back in 2012 and have continuously strived to promote health and well-being through our organization. We believe in a holistic approach which focuses on the mind and body along with other aspects of life that impact an employee’s well-being. We are grateful for our many community partners who have helped us on this journey and believe that happy and healthy employees are the key to successful organizations.”

For the last 30 years, Strategic Communications has dedicated our efforts to helping organizations reach mission success through innovative IT solutions, cost-effective offerings, and operations centered around results.

Serving both the private and public sectors, Strategic Communications is a leading provider of innovative IT, audio video, and cloud solutions from our headquarters in Louisville, Ky. To learn more about how you can connect with the cloud solutions your organization needs while optimizing your cost savings, contact us today!

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